Software or Research Project

Semestr: Both



Credits: 6

Programme type:

Study form: Fulltime

Course language: Czech

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Individual project work under the advisors supervision. During this course it is possible (usual) to work on a particular problem within the Diploma thesis. Therefore, we advise students to choose the subject of the Diploma thesis already at the beginning of the 3rd semester and not to underestimate this timely choice. To pass the course Software and research project the result of the work has to be clearly defined, e.g. technical report or the piece of software (program), that will be awarded the assessment. Important note: In general, it is not possible to pass more than one course of this type/with such characteristics. An exception can be granted by guarantor of the major specialization. Possible reason for an exception could be a fact, that the work/project has got a different subject and is supervised by a different advisor. Typically, it can be a project done during the studies abroad. For further information please contact:


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