Format of the thesis

A diploma thesis, usually in the range of 20 to 50 pages for a bachelor’s thesis, or 40 to 80 for diploma thesis in A4 format (no attachments), printed on both sides, usually in font 11 and bound into one part in a soft or hard cardboard board (not spiral) must contain:

  1. Contents, including a list of possible attachments
  2. Entry form
  3. Annotation in English language
  4. Statement of separate processing work in accordance with the methodical guideline no. 1/20
  5. Proper citation of sources (in accordance with methodical guideline no. 1/20)
  6. Initial analysis of a given topic
  7. A description of the resolution of the assigned task
  8. Final evaluation of results
  9. Bibliography

The diploma thesis is to be submitted in two copies: in printed version and in an electronic form (see details in the instructions for submitting the thesis).

See Dean's directive (in English or Czech) for further information.

(Examples of the printed version of the thesis.)