The SUPERHUB project (SUstainable and PERsuasive Human Users moBility in future cities), funded primarily by the European Commission, has developed an open platform for managing and optimizing urban mobility. In the project, the Department's Agents4ITS group leads the research and development of a new dynamic mobility matchmaking and personalized journey planning component, a core component applying advanced journey planning, resource negotiation and recommender system techniques to intelligently match travellers with providers of transport services. The project has succesfully delivered a next-generation journey planning platform that was successfully tested in Barcelona, Milan, Helsinki and Brno, Czech Republic, during the Autumn of 2014. The results delivered by the Agents4ITS group in the project are futher used in the MyWay project and other journey planning-related activities of the department and will be a fundamental piece in the open-source version of the SUPERHUB platform that is under preparation.

Involved: Michal Jakob