Stratosphere IPS Project

The Stratosphere IPS is a free software Intrusion Prevention System that uses Machine Learning to detect and block known malicious behaviors in the network traffic. The behaviors are learnt from highly verified malware and normal traffic connections in our research laboratory. Our goal is to provide the community and specially the NGOs and CSOs with an advanced tool that can protect against targeted attacks.

We believe that everyone has the right to protect themselves by using advanced behavioral detection techniques against malware. Since more and more governments and organizations are using this type of technology to invade the privacy and security of people, we make public our research in an effort to protect users and raise awareness on the automatic analysis of users behaviors. By using and advancing this tool we may be able to improve our security and to understand the risks of global surveillance.

The core of the Stratosphere IPS is a machine learning algorithm that analyzes individual network connections to extract their behavioral pattern. The patterns of known malicious connections are trained in our laboratory and are then used to detect unknown traffic in new networks. The algorithms were publicly published and the behavioral models are continually being verified in our laboratory.

The goal of the Stratosphere IPS is to develop a highly advanced and free network-based malicious actions detector that can help protect individuals, middle-size organizations, NGOs and almost any type of network. 

Involved: PhD. Sebastian Garcia, PhD Carlos Cataña, Bs. Maria Jose Erquiaga