Selected Topics from Operating Systems

Semestr: Winter

Range: 14+4s


Credits: 4

Programme type: Undefined

Study form: Parttime

Course language:


UNIX system administration. Booting and shutdown, init scripts, system states, subsystem control. Special files, disk management, disk quotas. Software installation. Backup and recovery. UNIX kernel, parameters, modules, kernel building, procfs. TCP/IP network administration, serial line, modem. Common UNIX services. UNIX system security.


UNIX, administration, filesystem, process, kernel, daemon

Course syllabus:

1. Booting, shutdown, init scripts, runlevel, process init
2. Disk management, file systems, special files
3. UNIX system installation. Software packages
4. Backup, incremental backup, data compression
5. UNIX kernel, parameters, modules
6. UNIX networking
7. Serial line, terminal
8. Common UNIX services. Telnet, FTP, HTTP, DNS, SSH
9. Standard input and output. I/O libraries
10. System data files, manipulation with data files in C
11. Process creation, environment, memory allocation
12. Interprocess communication, pipes, I/O redirection
13. System V IPC - semaphores, messages, shared memory

Seminar syllabus:

1. Labs working environment, Linux, users, preinstalled software
2. Booting, shutdown, init scripts, runlevel, process init
3. Special files. Creating file systems, mounting and error checking
4. Disk partitioning, disk quotas, software installation
5. Backup
6. UNIX kernel, parameters, kernel recompilation, virtual file systems
7. Kernel modules, loading modules, creating own module
8. Basic network administration, network interface, routing
9. Other protocols and services, serial line
10. HTTP server administration
11. Secure shell, remote access, printing
12. Domain administration, DNS
13. Simple firewall, packet filtering, masquarading
14. Free


Literature and postscript documents are also available on the web pages.
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2. Fiamingo, F., G.: UNIX System Administration, The Ohio State University, 1996, 300 str.