Modern Methods of Digital Design

Semestr: Summer

Range: 14+4s


Credits: 4

Programme type: Undefined

Study form: Parttime

Course language:


After having completed the course, the student knows the work flow and techniques of digital design, the structure and algorithms of design tools. She is also able to judge the fitness of a tool for given work flow or the fitness of the work flow for a given design goal. She is also able to manage the design team.


Course syllabus:

1. Digital design work flow, demands of different application areas
2. Project management, metrics and estimates
3. Verification plan and verification models
4. Hardware-software partitioning, codesign
5. Higher-level synthesis
6. RTL and RTL synthesis
7. Synchronous and asynchronous design, advantages and disadvantages, multiple clock domains in design
8. FSM transformation and implementation
9. Technology mapping
10. Physical design, implementation environment, algorithms
11. Formal verification - equivalence checking
12. Formal verification - model checking
13. Low-power and mixed design
14. Design reuse, IP cores

Seminar syllabus:

1. Hardware specification by an HDL, differences from schematics
2. CMOS technology, mask-level and transistor-level work in a simple education tool
3. Performance experiments with logic minimization and FSM encoding
4. Design tools (RTL and physical level) I. (2006: probably Xilinx)
5. Design tools (RTL and physical level) II. (2006: probably Altera)
6. RTL specification and synthesis (work flow and tools)
7. HW-SW decomposition (tools, platform, work flow)
8. Introduction and discussion of semestral projects (architecture and RTL specification of a digital device)
9. Work on semestral projects
10. Work-in-progress reports
11. Work on semestral projects
12. Work on semestral projects
13. Presentation of semestral projects
14. Presentation of semestral projects


1. Michel, P., Lauther, U., Duzy, P.: The Synthesis Approach to Digital System Design. Kluwer 1992 (contemporary eqyuivalent of)
2. Keating, M., Bricaud, P.: Reuse Methodoly Manualfor Systém-on-a-Chip Designs. Kluwer 1999
3. O' Connel, F.: How to Run Successful Projects II - The Silver Bullet. Prentice/Hall 1996 (in 2006, probably the 6th edition]