Multimedia and Computer Animation

Semestr: Winter

Range: 14+4s


Credits: 4

Programme type: Undefined

Study form: Parttime

Course language:


The aim of this course is to give students an overview of techniques currently used in the field of computer animation. The topics are divided into two parts where the first one is devoted to raster-based animation. In this part, the student gets acquaintance with basic programming techniques used in manipulation with rasterized representations of animated objects. The second part of the course is devoted to vector-based animation where the principles of modeling and animation control of models (2D,3D) are introduced.


Data formats, computer animation, computer simulation, videoprocessing, cloth animation, facial animation, human body animation, video registration.

Course syllabus:

1.Course overview, data formats for computer animation.
2.Digital video editing.
3.Technologies and standards for DVD.
6. Sound synthesis and processing I
7. Sound synthesis and processing II
8.Vector-based animation, inverse kinematics.
9.Motion capture systems
10.Dynamics, particle systems.
11.Animation of cloth.
12.Facial animation.
13.Typical algorithms used in computer animation.

Seminar syllabus:

1. Overview of the course and projects
2. Consultations to projects
3. Consultations to projects
4. The first check point - overview of known solutions
5. Consultations to projects
6. The second check point - a method suggestion
7. Consultations to projects
8. The third check point - implementation
9. Consultations to projects
10. The fourth check point - testing
11. Consultations to projects
12. The fifth checkpoint - preparation of documentation
13. Presentations to projects
14. Crediting


1. Watt, Alan H., Watt, M. Advanced Animation and Rendering Techniques, Addison Wesley, 1992
2. Žára, J., Beneš, B., Felkel, P. The Modern Computer Graphics, Computer Press, 1998, (in Czech)
3. Badler, N. and Zeltzer, D. Making Them Move - Mechanics Control and Animation of Articulated Figures, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, 1991