Processing and Transmittion of Optical Signals

Semestr: Summer

Range: 2+2s


Credits: 4

Programme type: Undefined

Study form: Fulltime

Course language:


Photonic switching and computing, Basic Electro-optic theory: waveguide structures, fibre optics, Fourier optics (filtering, holography), crystal optics (electro-optical switching), Electro and integrate optics, non-linear optics, Optical Network: Photonic switching (classical ), new trends in pure optical switching - wavelength division multiplexing (WDM), parameters, measuring and testing, unique reference for the fiber-optic industry


Waveguide structure, optical fibre, optical link, Fourier optic, Fourier transform holography, crystal optic, integrate optic, non-linear optic, fibre optic.

Course syllabus:

1. Introduction and formalisation
2. Trade-off between switching time and switching power
3. Waveguide structures
4. Optical fibre
5. Optical link
6. Optical link, methods of measuring
7. Fourier optics
8. Applications of Fourier optics
9. Fourier transform holography
10. Crystal optics
11. Electro-optics applications
12. Integrate optics
13. Non-linear optics
14. Optical bistability, optical switching

Seminar syllabus:

1. Optical instruments
2. Computer simulations
3. Fibre optics simulations
4. Spatial fibre optics applications
5. Excursion
6. Architecture of optical link
7. Fibre optics parameters
8. Realisation of transmission link
9. Measuring of transmissions link
10. Optical link, project
11. Crystal optics
12. Fourier optics, filtering
13. Holography
14. Credits


1. Bahaa E.A. Saleh, Malvin Carl Teich: Fundamentalls of Photonics? John Wiley ? Sons 1991
2. Hunsperger R.G: Integrate optics: Theory and Technology; Springer Verlag 1984
3. André Girard, etc.:Guide To WDM Technology & Testing; EXFO Electro-Optical Engineering Inc. Qubec City, Canada, (Legal Deposit- National Library of Canada 2000)