Advanced Computer Graphics

Semestr: Winter

Range: 2+2s


Credits: 5

Programme type: Undefined

Study form: Fulltime

Course language:


Main topics of the lectures are: Bitmap graphic editors (CORELDRAW), vector graphic editors (PhotoShop), computer typography (Latex), DTP principles, Prepress (Quark), principles of computer animation, 3D animation systems (3DstudioMAX), GIS systems, multimedia, hypermedia (Authorware), authoring systems (Macromedia Director), graphics on web, principles of XML, graphic applications. The aim of the seminars is to construct a professional graphic product.


Course syllabus:

1. Overview of graphic applications, graphic information processing
2. DTP systems, prepress, document readying for publication, Quark Xpress
3. Text editors, computer typography, TeX, LaTeX
4. Principles of hypertext documents construction, HTML, Java
5. XML, principles and graphic applications
6. Bitmap graphic editors, CorelDRAW!, vector graphic formats
7. Vector graphic editors, PhotoShop
8. Principles of computer animation
9. Animation systems in 3D, 3DStudio, 3Dstudio MAX
10. Engineering graphics, AutoCAD
11. Information graphic/geographic systems - GIS
12. Multimedia systems, authoring systems, Authorware, Director
13. Graphics on web
14. Modern graphic standards

Seminar syllabus:

1. Reports and problems assignment to students
2. A system for student results presentation, finishing of problems assignment
3. LaTeX, computer typography
4. HTML, construction of web documents
5. XML, modern way of data format, graphic application
6. COREL Draw, vector editor
7. PhotoShop, bitmap editor
8. Check point of student reports, SW for video processing
9. Animation, 3Dstudio MAX
10. AutoCAD, engineering graphics
11. GIS, presentation
12. Authoring systems (Authorware, Director)
13. Graphic on www
14. Evaluation of students reports and results, credits


1. Educational system of graphic applications on web
2. Manuals of modern graphics application, to get from lecturer