Error-Control and Others Codes

Semestr: Winter

Range: 2+2s


Credits: 4

Programme type: Undefined

Study form: Fulltime

Course language:


The aim of this course is to present some codes used in memories or in other computer units and in communications. Main topics include the error detecting and error correcting codes and their implementation. Some codes and methods for data compression will also be presented. Finally, some special codes will be mentioned.


error control code, error correcting, error detecting, linear code, cyclic code, convolution code, arithmetic errors, data compresion

Course syllabus:

1. Introduction and basic terms
2. Linear codes and their features
3. Detection and correction of independent errors
4. Cyclic codes and their features
5. Detection and correction of bursts of errors
6. Byte error correction codes
7. Convolution codes
8. Turbo codes
9. Arithmetic codes
10. Basic principles of compression
11. General methods of compression
12. Dictionary methods of compression
13. Gray codes
14. Spare

Seminar syllabus:

1. Grupoids, rings, and vector spaces
2. Polynomials over GF(p)
3. Finite fields
4. Codes SED, SEC a DED-SEC
5. Coders and decoders for some linear codes
6. RM codes a majority-logic decoding
7. Cyclic codes
8. Fire code
9. BCH codes
10. Convolution codes
11. Residue and AN codes
12. Huffman and SF code, FGK method
13. LZ methods
14. Spare and assessment


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