Information Technology Applications

Semestr: Summer

Range: 2+2s


Credits: 4

Programme type: Undefined

Study form:

Course language:


The aim of the course is to offer an overview of basic applications of information technology. The lectures comprise three parts. The first one refers to modern technologies of programming, the object oriented approach and the implementation of abstract data types. This part is a summary and survey of knowledge in basic algorithm design and their implementation. The second part deals with an introduction to modern information technologies, which are a part of computer literacy - data base, calculation tables, computer graphics, operating systems and above all with Internet. The last part goes into the keystones of language C, as essential for further study.


Java, classes, exceptions, events, GUI, applets, internet, databases, operating systems, computer graphics, C language

Course syllabus:

1. Dynamic data structures
2. Object oriented approach
3. Programming techniques
4. Abstract data types and their implementation
5. Modern programming technologies, an overview
6. Internet, principles
7. Design of a simple web page
8. Database technology
9. Spreadsheets
10. Computer graphics principles
11. Operating systems principles
12. C language primer
13. Analysis of programs in C Language
14. Synthesis of simple programs in C language

Seminar syllabus:

1. Recapitulation of basic algorithms
2. Dynamic data structures
3. Object oriented programming, principles
4. Object oriented programming, libraries
5. Abstract data types implementation
6. Internet, e-mail, FTP, telnet
7. Internet, usage of web, methods of browsing
8. Design of a simple web page
9. Database technology, data models, data manipulation
10. Spreadsheets, table calculation, simple scripts
11. Computer graphics principles, graphic data processing, simple graphic output
12. Programming in C language, statements, functions
13. Programming in C language, data structures
14. Design of a simple C program


Jelínek, Žára, Halaška, Trdlička: Aplikace výpočetní techniky, ČVUT, 2004