Data Structures in Computer Graphics

Semestr: Summer

Range: 2+2s


Credits: 4

Programme type: Undefined

Study form:

Course language:


Types of data structures in computer graphics, conversion between single types of graphical data structures, operations over graphical data structures, compression of graphical information, properties of graphical information systems, methods for spatial analysis, intelligent graphical information systems.


Data structures, object representations, spacepartitioning, alternative methods for object description

Course syllabus:

1. Fundamental data structures in computer graphics
2. General data structures in computer graphics
3. Conversion between data structures
4. Operations over data structures
5. Data structures compression
6. General properties of graphical information systems
7. Semantics of graphical information
8. Geometry processing in graphical information systems
9. Topological structures and operations over them
10. Methods and tools for spatial analysis
11. Modeling of spatial relationships
12. Algebraic methods for geometric relations description
13. Consistency problems in geometric data
14. Intelligent graphical information systems

Seminar syllabus:

1. - 2. Specification of individual projects
3. - 4. Introductory study to the project
5. - 6. Consultations to pilot implementation
7. - 8. Presentation of pilot solutions
9. - 10. Consultations to final solution
11. - 12. Consultation to the choice of debugging tools
13. - 14. Final presentation


[1] Samet, H.: The Design and Analysis of Spatial Data Structures. Addison Wesley, New York 1990
[2] Laurini, R., Thompson, D.: Fundamentals of Spatial Information Systems. Academic Press, New York 1992