Introduction to Project Management

Semestr: Winter

Range: 6KP+6KC


Credits: 3

Programme type:

Study form: Parttime

Course language:


The course introduces students to the general (not only IT) basics of project management. In addition to basic project management concepts (planning, organization, etc.) students also get practical experiences from team cooperation (information sharing, communication, etc.). All presented topics are practiced and extended in the consecutive courses.


Course syllabus:

1. Course introduction, project infrastructure, and documentation - repository, wiki, issue tracking system.
2. Project definition, project characteristics, and phases, introduction to team organization and cooperation.
3. Introduction to project planning, project management, and quality assurance, project evaluation.
4. IT project management in practice, typical project issues, project management best practices.

Seminar syllabus:

1. Introduction - course, project repository, and issue tracking system; creating teams and projects assignment.
2. Project documentation - vision, working on the project.
3. Project plan, working on the project.
4. The final project presentation, closing project.


Recommended literature (in Czech):
J. Doležal, J. Krátký, Projektový management v praxi, Naučte se řídit projekty!, Grada, 2016
A. Svozilová, Projektový management, Systémový přístup k řízení projektů - 3., aktualizované a rozšířené vydání, GRADA, 2016
M. D. Rosenau, Řízení projektů, Computer Press, 2003