XML Technology

Semestr: Summer

Range: 14KP+6KC


Credits: 6

Programme type:

Study form: Parttime

Course language: Czech


Overview of basic priciples, formats and tools for XML technology. The structure of XML, the schema defined in DTD or XML Schema language. Representation of XML data and documents, DOM and SAX. XPath and XQuery language. XML databases and their relationship to other database management systems.


XML; XPath; XQuery; DTD; XSLT

Course syllabus:

1. Overview of basic principles, formats and tool for XML technology.
2. XML structure, expression of XML schema in the DTD language.
3. Data models of XML documents.
4. Representation of XML data and documents, DOM and SAX.
5. XML schema if XML Schema language.
6. Advanced elements of XML Schema language.
7. XPath language.
8. XSLT as a tool for XML document transformations.
9. Rules of XSLT.
10. Query language XQuery - an introduction.
11. Query language XQuery - the advanced techniques.
12. XML databases - an introduction.
13. XML databases and their relationships to other database management systems.
14. Reserved

Seminar syllabus:

Students practice technologies presented at the lectures by working on simpler tasks. They also individually work on their semestral thesis.


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