Planning and game playing

Semestr: Summer

Range: 14KP+6KC


Credits: 6

Programme type:

Study form: Parttime

Course language: Czech


This course provides an introduction to classical AI planning (linear, nonliner planning, graph-plan planning, heuristic planning, SAT-based planning) and game-tree representation and methods of adversarial search (such as minimax and alpha/beta pruning).


Course syllabus:

1. planning problem representation and planning problem komplexity
2. linear planning, TOPLAN algorithm,
3. nonlineární planning, causal links thread resolution
4. Graf-oriented planning
5. planning by means of SAT
6. Introduction to game playing
7. Minimax, alfa-beta prunning
8. Advenced methods of adversarial planning
9. Hierarchical HTN planning
10. Heuristic planning
11. Contingency planning, temporal planning
12. Planning a probability
13. Planning in game playing

Seminar syllabus:

1. Planning problems
2. Semestral project specification: design and development of a general planner
3. - 5. Laboratories
6. Game playing algorithms
7. Semestral project specification: design and development of a game playing algorithm
8. - 12. Laboratories
13. Competition


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and Practice. Morgan Kaufmann Publishers Inc.

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