Semestr: Winter

Range: 2P+2C


Credits: 6

Programme type:

Study form: Fulltime

Course language: Czech

Time table at FEE


Bulk data processing, DBMS concepts and architecture; conceptual data models, E-R model; database models, network, hierarchical, relational and object-relational model; relational algebra, formal query language; relational database desing, functional dependencies, normalization, design algorithms; mapping E-R concepts to the database models; query language SQL, DDL, DML, integrity constraints; transaction, error recovery, parallel access, data security, client-server architecture; physical level data view.


Course syllabus:

1. Bulk data processing concepts. DBMS architecture
2. Data abstraction, conceptual, database and physical data model
3. Conceptual data model. E-R model. Entity type, Relationship type, attibute, integrity constraints
4. Overview of network, hierarchical, relation and object-relation database models
5. Relational data model. Relation, relational and set operations, relation schema, attributes
6. Structured query language - SQL (part 1)
7. SQL language (part 2)
8. Relational model (part 2), normalization using functional dependences
9. Query, relational algebra, Set operations
10. Alternative approches to a design of relation schema, quality criterions
11. Mapping E-R schema to relational schema
12. Transactions. Error recovery, concurrency control, data security and integrity
13. Physical level, heap, index of B* tree type, bitmap index, cluster index, hashed cluster.
14. Reserve

Seminar syllabus:

1. ER model
2. Transformation of ER model to relational model
3. SQL - data creation and actualization
4. SQL - querying, views
5. Relational algebra, relational calculus
6. Decomposition and synthesis

For details see


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