Semestr: Winter

Range: 2P+2C


Credits: 6

Programme type:

Study form: Fulltime

Course language: Czech

Time table at FEE


The course is an introduction into basics of algorithmic problem solving presented in close relation with practical parts of mathematics and computer science. Its core are data, their types, expressions, statements (exemplified by those at Java programming language), basics of programming techniques and data abstractions. The course does not involve topics concerning hardware, telecommunications or other programming languages or assemblers.


Course syllabus:

1. Information - its representation and processing
2. Algorithms and their properties, programming languages
3. Variables and expressions
4. Statements and control structures
5. Data objects and types
6. Simple and structured types
7. Programs and subroutines
8. Top-down program design
9. Basic programming techniques
10. Object model
11. Data abstractions
12. Efficiency of algorithms
13. Theoretical informatics
14. Information systems

Seminar syllabus:

1. Computer laboratory usage
2. IDE, compilation and execution of simple program
3. Simple programs with branches
4. Simple programs with loops
5. Arrays I
6. Arrays II
7. Logical operations I
8. Logical operations II
9. Functions, procedures and methods I
10. Functions, procedures and methods II
11. String and text processing I
12. String and text processing II
13. Data input and validation
14. Data files


1. Horton, I.:Beginning Java 2, 2nd edition, Wrox Press Inc, 1999
2. Herout, P.: Učebnice jazyka Java, Kopp, Č. Budějovice, 2000, s. 350