Software Engineering

Semestr: Winter

Range: 2+4


Credits: 6

Programme type: Undefined

Study form:

Course language:


Basic course in software engineering. Organisational aspects. Methods of structured and object-oriented analysis and design. Known techniques and tools. Small software projects are solved in groups as an excercise.


Course syllabus:

1. Software project life cycle, management of a project, organisation of project teams, cost estimation, software engineering tools, CASE
2. Formal and unformal specifications, ambiguities in unformal descriptions, description with the help of mathematical language, algebraic specifications, funkcional specifications, Z language, VDM
3. Graphical techniques for functional analysis - data flow diagrams, hierarchy diagrams, structure charts
4. Graphical techniques for data analysis - ERA-diagrams, relational diagrams
5. Graphical techniques for dynamic analysis - state transition diagrams
6. Relationships between diagrams, cross checking, diagram balancing
7. User interface design, tools, examples
8. Requirement analysis, analytical specifications, Yourdon´s modern structured analysis, SSADM
9. Object-oriented analysis, OMT, OOSE, UML
10. Design of implementation, graphical techniques for design, representation of data structures, implemetation of operations, critical points
11. Testing, validation, verification
12. Program systems operation and maintenance, error detection and recovery
13. Documentation, other aspects

Seminar syllabus:


Richta: Software Technology. Lecture Notes FEL, Praha 1991.
Richta, Sochor: Software Systems Design. Lecture Notes FEL, Praha 1993.
Demner, Král: Software Engineering. Academia, Praha 1991.
Drbal: Object-oriented methods and techniques. Lecture Notes VŠE, Praha 1997.
Chlapek, Řepa: Lecture Notes in Structured Analysis. Lecture Notes VŠE, Praha 1997.