Design of Microcomputer Systems

Semestr: Winter

Range: 2+2s


Credits: 4

Programme type: Undefined

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Embedded microcomputer systems, standard busses, interfaces. Single chip microcomputers - i8051 architecture, parallel ports, external bus. Counters, real time circuitry. Serial interfaces - FieldBus, CAN, serial busses - SPI, MicroWire, I2C. A/D interfaces - successive approximation, integration. LCD and LED displays. Eight-bit microcontrollers - ST62, 16Cxx, 8051 and derivatives, 68HC05, 68HC11 and 68HC16. Sixteen-bit microcomputers 8096/80196, 68HC300, 80C166. Thirty-two-bit microprocessors AMD29000, 80960. Modular system PC-104. Memory architecture and elements. Development support - logic analyzers, memory and in-circuit emulators.


Course syllabus:

1. Introduction, microcomputers, applications, modular systems.
2. i8051 microcomputer (architecture)
3. Parallel interfaces, external buses, configuration.
4. Counters, timming processors.
5. RTC, PWM, watchdog, power-fail circuits.
6. Serial interfaces, serial busses.
7. A/D and V/F convertors. Displays, memories.
8. State machine - implementation.
9. Real-time kernel.
10. Fuzzy programming.
11. Micro-controllers: 68HC05, ST62, PIC16C5x.
12. i8051 derivatives, 68HC11.
13. Sixteen-bit microcomputers: 80C196, 68HC16, 80C166
14. Development tools, logical analysers, in circuit and memory emulators.

Seminar syllabus:

1. i8051 microcomputer.
2. Development kit - introduction.
3-7. Task solution (display, keyboard, ...)
8. Real-time (RT) kernel - introduction.
9. RT kernel - task solution.
10. Programming in C - introduction.
11. Programming in C - task solution.
12. Communication.
14. Reserved.