Programming Languages

Semestr: Winter

Range: 2+2s


Credits: 4

Programme type: Undefined

Study form:

Course language:


Overview of PL and programming paradigms, implementation of PL, LL(1)grammars, recursive descent, procedural languages, data types and theirrepresentation, type checking, memory allocation, control structures,expressions, exception handling, subroutines, block and modular programstructure, object-oriented programming and languages, functional and logicprogramming and languages.


Course syllabus:

1. Regular grammars and finite state automata, implementation of FSA
2. Lexical analyser, design, implementation
3. LL(1) grammars, recursive descent
4. Syntax driven translation
5. Procedural programming languages, type checking
6. Structured data types
7. Control structures, exception handling
8. Procedures and functions, block structure of programs
9. Modular structure of programs
10. Features of object oriented programming
11. Functional programming and languages
12. Logic programming and languages
13. Application of nonprocedural paradigms

Seminar syllabus:

1. Regular grammars and finite state automata
2. Implementation of finite state automata
3. Implementation of lexical analyser
4. LL(1) grammars
5. Parser driven by recursive descent
6. Syntax driven translation
7. Compilation into internal form
8. Internal representation of structured data types
9. Memory allocation
10. Consultations on semestral projects
11. Exception handling
12. Consultations on semestral projects
13. Functional programming