Explaining Anomalies with Sapling Random Forests

Pevný, T., Kopp, M.

PEVNÝ, T. and M. KOPP. Explaining Anomalies with Sapling Random Forests. In: KŮRKOVÁ, V., et al., eds. Proceedings of the 14th conference ITAT 2014 – Workshops and Posters. Computational Intelligence and Data Mining, Demänovská Dolina, 2014-09-25/2014-09-29. Praha: Institute of Computer Science AS CR, 2014. p. 71-78. ISBN 978-80-87136-19-5. Available from: http://www.library.sk/i2/content.csg.cls?ictx=cav&repo=crepo1&key=70202320092

URL: http://www.library.sk/i2/content.csg.cls?ictx=cav&repo=crepo1&key=70202320092