Project Ludus

We are releasing the project Ludus which aims at improving the security of Turris routers. This research is funded by the Technological Agency of the Czech Republic and is a joint project of the Stratosphere Lab and CZ.NIC association. 

Ludus system brings new approach for securing Turris routers by using Game theoretical models to predict the attacker behaviour. Ludus automatically analyzes the usage of your network and finds out which ports are suitable for deploying honeypots and uses the prediction for honeypot placement. Additionally, Ludus introduces collective approach to securing routers. By that, users can help each other protecting their running services. Ludus also provides visualization of both individual and aggregated data for further analysis and improvement of the strategies.

If you want to learn more about the project and explore the possibilities of usage, read the blog post by Ondřej Lukáš.


Members of the Ludus team

Department fo Computer Science
Karel Durkota
Sebastián García
Kalin Ivanov
Ondřej Lukáš

Jan Bodnár
Jan Pavlínec
Vojtěch Myslivec
Patrik Zandl
Robin Obůrka
Ladislav Lhotka
Martin Hrůza


Ondřej Lukáš introduces Ludus