Stanislav Hanzl Award for Kamila Babayeva

Our student and researcher Kamila Babayeva received the Stanislav Hanzl Award, which is awarded to one student per faculty at the Czech Technical University in Prague. This year, nine CTU students won the award for excellent results in their studies and for scientific, professional, and other important activities. Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the award was not traditionally presented at a ceremony in the Bethlehem Chapel.

The prize was founded by the Board of Trustees of the CTU Endowment Fund Stanislav Hanzl, first awarded in 2017. Its goal is to fulfill and deepen the legacy of Stanislav Hanzl, the first rector of the CTU after the Velvet Revolution.  In accordance with this legacy, the support of the endowment fund (in this case financial prize of 20 000 CZK) is aimed mainly at modernizing studies and deepening its compatibility with studies at European technical universities, increasing student mobility, and internationalizing studies.

Further information on the CTU website.