Spatio Temporal Representations for Life-Long Mobile Robot Navigation

The project is aimed to create affordable robots capable of reliable long-term operation in outdoor, naturally-changing environments. In the end of this 3-year project, our robots will be able to understand the natural processes that change the environment appearance over time and use this knowledge to improve their ability to self-localise and navigate using only off-the-shelf, inexpensive sensors.

The project has three main objectives: Development of spatio-temporal representations that will allow mobile robots to learn from their experience and understand the nature of the changes observed. Development of the visual navigation, localization and mapping methods that will create, update and exploit the spatio-temporal models so that the robot will be capable of long-term autonomous navigation. Exhaustive dataset collection that will allow to benchmark the spatio-temporal models and navigation methods at the given testing sites throughout the entire project duration.

Involved: Tomáš Krajník