Free online tool for distance history teaching

Our researchers are aware of the current complicated situation in which history teachers found themselves after the closure of schools. Therefore, we support and participate in the development of a web application called HistoryLab. It offers an efficient and user-friendly digital environment that can be used to teach contemporary history online which is also highly useful in the current pandemic situation.

This application is being developed by the Department of Education of the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes (ÚSTR) in cooperation with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering CTU in Prague (namely our Software Testing Intelligent Lab), the Faculty of Education of Charles University (PedF UK), the Institute of Contemporary History and the Masaryk Institute, both at the Academy of Sciences (AV ČR).

The authors of the application gradually publish exercises that had been already tested in the field and adjusted based on the reactions of students and teachers. As of March 18, they published six new exercises, such as “That Was Glory” examining the importance of launching the Prague Metro. The administration system included in this application makes it easy to share student achievements and gives teachers the opportunity to provide feedback on their work. This system is available to all teachers after registration.

Software developed by our department

Miroslav Bureš and Karel Frajták from our department are responsible for the software development. "The way in which HistoryLab communicates is very suitable for use in the current situation. The application uses standard Internet technologies and does not need to transfer high volumes of data for the course of teaching. Using the exercises available in the system, selected topics from modern history can be taught remotely, and HistoryLab can facilitate the current situation where remote learning needs to be appropriately provided," says Bureš.