Cykloplánovač - unique navigation for bikers

A unique tool to promote urban cycling Cykloplánovač has been developed by experts from the Agent Technology Centre of Faculty of Electrical Engineering together with students from Open Informatics program. This application combines intelligent navigation and data analysis and can accordingly plan the route in 25 Czech cities and Bratislava. As a benefit for a user, the application enables to set the speed and the profile of a cyclist.

Cykloplánovač is a smart software that gives advice to cyclists which route to choose and provides cities with valuable information about the behaviour of cyclists in urban areas and how to improve conditions for cycling. Its pilot version took place in May 2015 in cooperation with Auto*Mat NGO and under the support of Municipal Council of Prague. In May, more than 1,000 users has installed the application on their smartphones and around 2,000 trips with a total length of 20,000 km was recorded in 17 Czech towns.

The cycle planner has both Web and Android version (iPhone version is planned). After entering the start and the end of the journey, the system offers several routes matching different profiles (fast, quiet, flat, and balanced). In addition, the mobile version provides also turn-by-turn navigation that takes the users safely throw the route.

You can plan your route at Cykloplánovač.

Researchers involved: Michal Jakob, Jan Hrnčíř, Pavol Žilecký, Jan Linka