AI days: Responsible AI in Prague

AI days: Responsible AI in Prague

We invite you to the workshop Responsible AI in Prague with Martin Krutský on November 3 at 16:00 (Karlovo náměstí 13, building E, room TBD later). The workshop will be part of the AI days 2023 and will consist of a talk about the subfields and methodologies of Responsible AI and the relevant current projects in Prague, discussion, and a practical session concerning one of the Responsible AI applications. If you are interested, especially in the practical part, please, fill in the registration form by October 31.


What is happening in Prague in AI ethics, safety, governance, etc.? The field of artificial intelligence has recently experienced a new wave of interdisciplinary efforts interested in societal implications of AI. However, it is hard to keep track of the progress, especially given the usual divide between different scientific fields. The workshop aims to provide an unbiased overview of different subfields concerned with developing responsible AI technology, and to put them into perspective of 1. existing projects and groups from Prague, 2. international guidelines and frameworks.

Our motivation for such a broad treatment of the topic is that while some of the Responsible AI subfields may not consider themselves to be compatible with others (e.g., AI ethics and AI safety), we believe that it is necessary to put aside the differences and become familiar with different views on the subject. Further, we invite everybody regardless of their opinions and we are looking forward to having a fruitful discussion.

Responsible AI group at the CS department

  • Brings together people interested in AI and professional ethics/Responsible AI from our department: researchers, students, administrative and PR people with various backgrounds
  • We are informal, voluntary, open-minded community that provides platform for experience, opinion and resources (books, papers, articles) exchange
  • Currently, our aim is to map the responsible-AI-related projects at our department, our needs and interests, and further explore three main themes: Education/training in “Responsible AI"; Professional (AI research) ethics and AI Act.
  • We plan to launch Responsible AI regular workshop series
  • For members of the CS department, join us on #responsible-ai Slack channel and in person. We have regular meetings on Thursdays morning (starting at 9:30 AM, in 205 meeting room)