Quantum computing course

A brand new course Quantum Computing (B0M34QUA) opens in the summer semester of 2022/2023 for students at FEE CTU and others interested in the topic. The course is taught by Jakub Mareček (ex-IBM) and his team from the Optimization group in our AI Center (AIC). It will focus on why to study quantum computing, quantum mechanics, and how the computational complexity of quantum computing differs from classical computing. Students will get insight into quantum algorithms and how quantum algorithms differ from the classical ones  (e.g. dynamic programming, factorizing integers, Monte Carlo integration). 


The course is open for all master students and third-year bachelor students. No previous experience with quantum physics or theoretical informatics is required, but interest in these areas is very appreciated. The course is taught in English.


Lectures: Friday 09:15 - 10:45
Tutorials: Friday 11:00 - 12:30


Jakub Mareček, Ph.D. is the leader of the Optimization group in AIC. The group apart on solution of projects works on quantum computing for financial institutes including Fidelity Investments and HSBC. Till March 2020 Jakub was a co-leader of IBM Research quantum computing community and is co-author of qiskit.org, one of the most used quantum computing packages. All his diplomas are from informatics.

Johannes Aspman, Ph.D. since October 2022 is part of the Optimization group in AIC. Previously, he studied quantum field theory at Trinity College in Dublin. 

Georgios Korpas, Ph.D. since August 2022 is the leader of the quantum computing project at HSBC. Previously, he was a member of the Optimization group in AIC and studied quantum field theory at Trinity College in Dublin.