AIC Seminar: Martin Schmid –⁠ Player of Games

We invite you to the seminar on Thursday, January 27 at 2:00 PM by Martin Schmid who will have a presentation about Player of Games. You can connect via There will be a 40min presentation and 20min for audience questions.

Meet the speaker

Martin Schmid is the Co-Founder and CEO of Equilibre Technologies who holds a Ph.D. in algorithmic game theory. He was previously a project lead and senior research scientist at DeepMind and IBM. Martin is the co-author of DeepStack (the first AI to beat a professional player in no-limit poker) and of Player of Games which is the first AI to achieve strong performance in both perfect and imperfect information games. 


Player of Games: General-Purpose Algorithm for Large Perfect and Imperfect Information Games

Games have a long history of serving as a benchmark for progress in artificial intelligence. Recently, approaches using search and learning have shown strong performance across a set of perfect information games, and approaches using game-theoretic reasoning and learning have shown strong performance for specific imperfect information poker variants. We introduce Player of Games, a general-purpose algorithm that unifies previous approaches, combining guided search, self-play learning, and game-theoretic reasoning. Player of Games is the first algorithm to achieve strong empirical performance in large perfect and imperfect information games -- an important step towards truly general algorithms for arbitrary environments. We prove that Player of Games is sound, converging to perfect play as available computation time and approximation capacity increases. Player of Games reaches strong performance in chess and Go, beats the strongest openly available agent in heads-up no-limit Texas hold'em poker (Slumbot), and defeats the state-of-the-art agent in Scotland Yard, an imperfect information game that illustrates the value of guided search, learning, and game-theoretic reasoning.