FreMEn Adviser

The Chronorobotics Laboratory, led by Tomáš Krajník, developed an AI-powered FreMEn Adviser app that will tell you when to go to public places to meet as few people as possible. Our system can serve as a prevention tool in the fight against coronavirus. This tool results from international cooperation on the research project FreMEn contra COVID. The core of the project is a method developed on the basis of FreMEn artificial intelligence (Frequency Map Enhancement), which has been developed and tested for several years in international projects. FreMEn is able to learn and then predict the density of people in specific places. It provides forecasts to the FreMEn Adviser’s users who want to avoid places with a high concentration of people. 

Download FreMEn Adviser to get advice on when to visit your favorite places.

There is a right time for everything. Get advice when and go out!

Imagine not wasting time in queues, squeezing with others, and running the risk of getting infected. Sounds like a fairy tale? Use FreMEn Adviser, a new planning application developed at FEE CTU, and it will come true. It will advise you when to go to public places to meet as few people as possible. Avoid regularly crowded shops, parks and playgrounds. FreMEn Adviser is a useful tool if you want to keep the recommended distances (social distancing) and thus reduce the risk of infection. It saves your time and everyone’s health. With our solution, you won’t have to wait in line and will prevent the disease from spreading.

  1. Select the places you like to visit.
  2. Get advice on when there are the least people.
  3. Head out without fear of crowded places.
  4. Enjoy the good feeling of keeping a safe distance.

How does it work?

To get your forecast, simply tell the FreMEn Adviser where you would like to go (shop, park, playground, etc.) and choose specific places in your area. In turn, he will recommend you when it is safest to visit them. Its brain runs on the artificial intelligence FreMEn, which can predict the concentration of people from the location data. FreMen is seven years old, so it's been training for a long time. In addition, FreMEn Adviser will provide you with the forecasts with two-day ahead utilization charts, so you can plan your errands according to your needs and safely so that you are at the lowest risk of getting infected.

Map your neighborhood for better predictions!

If you miss forecasts in your area, there is nothing easier than collecting the necessary data yourself using the primary app FreMEn Explorer. It does not spy on the movement of its users but cooperates with its volunteers who collect data on the crowdedness of places over time. So become a data collector and support the FreMEn contra COVID scientific project!


More information about FreMEn contra COVID can be found on our website dedicated to the project, its background and media outputs. For information in English go directly to the Chronorobotics Laboratory website.

Download FreMEn Adviser to get advice on when to visit your favorite places.