PhD defense of Martin Ledvinka

The dissertation thesis defense of Ing. Martin Ledvinka takes place on June 24 from 13:00 in the room KN:E 205 and also via MS Teams. Martin will be defending his dissertation thesis "Leveraging Semantic Web Technologies in Domain-specific Information Systems" supervised by Ing. Petr Křemen, Ph.D. In case you want to watch the exam online, contact our study officer at


Although envisioned as a successor of the ubiquitous Web, the Semantic Web, and its related technologies had been for a long time primarily a matter of academic research. Only in recent years has it started to make its way into the mainstream, mainly as a technology stack behind Linked (Open) Data. Nevertheless, Semantic Web technologies can be a welcome asset of domain-specific information systems that are used to create, manage, and process reusable data. However, Semantic Web technologies still represent rather uncharted territory for developers of such systems. This can be attributed to the amount of non-trivial knowledge a Semantic Web developer has to posses, the lack of mature tools, and still incomparable performance of Semantic storage systems in contrast to relational databases, as well as the semantic impedance between the two. This thesis tries to facilitate the adoption of Semantic Web technologies by developers of domain-specific information systems by building a stack of principles and tools that they can use to seamlessly integrate such technologies into their regular development stack. In particular, it provides a formal framework for the often problematic access to Semantic data and introduces a persistence library built upon this formalization. In addition, a tool for Semantic Web-based information system integration is presented. The thesis also discusses whether the utilization of Semantic Web technologies influences the architecture of an information system as a whole. Finally, several real-world examples showcase the presented results.