New Video about Electrific project

Our department participates in the Electrific Project together with other partners from five different countries. This EU funded Horizon 2020 project focuses on elctromobility, namely on enabling seamless electromobility through smart vehicle-grid integration. Electrific will deliver novel smart techniques and ICT tools for enabling such coordination among drivers, electricity providers, charging station operators and electric vehicle fleet managers. Our researchers from the AI for Transport and Mobility group (led by doc. Michal Jakob) worked on several tasks, ie. route planning for electromobiles.

Project Objective

ELECTRIFIC will develop novel technologies and theoretical understanding that enable highly attractive and sustainable electro-mobility through smart vehicle-grid integration. The technologies will be developed at three layers – the grid, the EV and the user. Seamless and ergonomic collaboration between all layers will be created to make using EVs at least as convenient and attractive as combustion engine vehicles, all the while optimizing the grid, the EV infrastructure utilization and maximizing the use of renewable energy resources.

New Video

Recently we published a new video with an ovierview of the project. It depicts the final mobile app of Electrific in action. Furthermore, it provides opinions from trials participants (behavior trial in Bavaria and charging schedule trial at TMB in Barcelona) and much more!