AI Spring: A Series of Lectures on AI near Futures (2019)

In May 2019 we organized AI Spring: A Series of Lectures on AI near Futures that was hosted by professor Jonathan Ledgard organized by the Artificial Intelligence Center. In this groundbreaking series of open and accessible lectures, the technologist and novelist Jonathan Ledgard examined the science and patterns of AI in truth, money, and nature. Each lecture looked five years into the future. Professor Ledgard and his guest picked AI winners by sector, showed up the dark side of AI for liberal democracies, revealed new machines and services enabled by AI, suggested how AI could save non-human life forms from extinction, and asked whether AI is itself an emergent species.

Now you can watch the videos of all AI Spring debates!

AI & TRUTH: Will AI Kill Truth, or Help Save It? (May 7)

What will happen to truth when AI is injected into our technology platforms? The lecture will consider positive ways AI can support truth, while looking at deep fakes in the media and facial recognition in state agencies. It will ask an essential question: will AI help defend free society, or undermine it?

AI & MONEY: Where Do AI Investments Go and How Will They Change Our Economy? (May 15)

Which companies stand to make money from AI and how? The lecture will outline promising sectors for AI advances from pattern recognition to quantum advantage. It will look at economic trends in personalisation and automation and recommend ways Prague might grow itself into a regional AI powerhouse.

AI & NATURE: Machine Intelligences and Other Life Forms – A Coexistence? (May 20)

The keynote in the series will draw on computing, ecology, history, and ethics to explore how future machine intelligences will coexist with nature. Will AI be curious about other life forms? Will there be imitation? In what ways can AI help protect diverse life on Earth?