Dean’s award for the dissertation thesis of Jan Hrncir

The dean prof. Ripka appreciated the dissertation thesis of Jan Hrnčíř by Dean’s award. 

PhD thesis: Models and Algorithms for Sustainable Journey Planning

Supervisor: doc. Ing. Michal Jakob, Ph.D., Department of Computer Science

The thesis focuses on models and algorithms for journey planning for sustainable transport, i.e., planning journeys from an origin to a destination that respect user preferences and utilise sustainable modes of transport. Our motivation is to provide people with intelligent tools that would help them discover routes that best suit their transport needs and, consequently, to facilitate the much needed shift towards sustainable mobility. In order to achieve our objectives, we rst de ne formal models that enable us to e ciently represent transport networks. On top of these network models, we then develop e cient algorithms that solve three important sustainable journey planning problems. Speci cally, we solve the problems of multi-criteria bicycle routing, intermodal journey planning, and ridesharing on timetabled transport services. We evaluate our implemented algorithms using real-world data. We then integrate our algorithms into prototype journey planning systems and validate them in real-world eld trials with thousands of users in total. Finally, based on our practical experience with the real-world deployment, we discuss key aspects of engineering realworld journey planning systems, including the quality assurance in journey planning and the e cient implementation of journey planning algorithms.